• Shabby Chic Cottage Decor

    Posted on January 23, 2013 by in DIY Projects

    Here are some items I made for my home. Very simple yet they add so much charm to any room!

    Burlap Table Runner. Simply measure and cut your burlap the length you desire and I fold the edges on the side over, ironed them to make a straight crease and sewed the edge. Next you could either sew on the lace or simply use a hot glue gun to attach it.


    Lace Lamp Shade. I found some cheap lace at a fabric store near me and found an old lamp shade I had just laying around and used a hot glue gun to layer it on and voila! So chic.

    These are so simple to make! If you aren’t into DIY I do sell these! So if you are interested in purchasing one or both just head on over to The Velvet Cove and click on “Shop Now” to make a purchase.


    -Simply Maggie

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